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Do you know exactly what to express when you’re having problems in Finnish? You could be in a situation where somebody is annoying you or you had missing your travelling bag in a country where they talk in Finnish. Learn More

People don’t need to get worried. We gathered a list of Finnish key phrases which you can use in an emergency. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Finnish Language

Leave me alone!Anna minun olla rauhassa! (AHN-nah MEE-noon OHL-lah RAU-has-sah)
Don't touch!Älä koske! (AL-ah KOHSS-keh!)
I will call the police.Kutsun poliisin. (KOOT-soon POH-lee-sin)
Police!Poliisi! (POH-lee-see!)
Stop! Thief!Pysähdy! Varas! (PUU-sa-duu! VAH-rahs!)
I need your help.Tarvitsen apuasi. (TAHR-veet-sehn AH-poo-ah-see)
It's an emergency.Nyt on hätä. (NUUT ohn HA-ta)
I'm lost.Olen eksynyt. (OH-lehn EHK-suu-nuut)
I lost my bag.Laukkuni katosi. (LAUK-koo-nee KAH-toh-see)
I lost my wallet.Lompakkoni katosi. (LOHM-pahk-koh-nee KAH-toh-see)
I'm sick.Olen kipeä. (OH-lehn KEE-peh-a)
I've been injured.Olen loukkaantunut. (OH-lehn LOH-ook-kahn-too-noot)
I need a doctor.Tarvitsen lääkärin. (TAHR-veet-sehn LAA-ka-reen)
Can I use your phone?Saanko käyttää puhelintasi? (SAAN-koh KA-UU-dAh POO-heh-LIN-tah-sih)

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