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Learn How to Say Numbers in German Language

Need to know how to repeat the telephone numbers in German? You might want to count up to 20 in German. We’ve provided each written pronunciations of ways to say the numbers when it comes to German language. We can easily actually share with you how you can pronounce large amounts in German simply. Learn More

List of Numbers in German Language

We now have virtually all the German numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, shown below that you’ll need to study. More …

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To ensure counting the particular numbers in German simpler for you, we certainly have separated the numbers in to smaller areas. Each one of these pages come with a short video recording you can enjoy to find out the proper pronunciation.
In German, the roles of dot and comma are swapped compared to their English counterparts. The grouping separator in big numbers is a dot (.), not a comma(,); the separator between decimal fractions and integer is a comma (,), not a dot (.).
E.g.: 1,000 in English is 1.000 in German; 3.14159 in English is 3,14159 in German.
Note that numbers above twenty are said "backwards". Twenty-one (einundzwanzig) is literally spoken as "one-and-twenty". This takes a bit of getting used to, especially in higher regions. Eg. 53426 (dreiundfünfzigtausendvierhundertsechsundzwanzig) is spoken as "three-and-fifty-thousand-four-hundred-six-and-twenty".
0null (noll)
1eins (ighnss)
2zwei (tsvigh)
3drei (drigh)
4vier (feer)
5fünf (fuunf)
6sechs (zekhs)
7sieben (ZEE-ben)
8acht (ahkht)
9neun (noyn)
10zehn (tsayn)
11elf (elf)
12zwölf (tsvoolf)
13dreizehn (DRIGH-tsayn)
14vierzehn (FEER-tsayn)
15fünfzehn (FUUNF-tsayn)
16sechzehn (ZEKH-tsayn)
17siebzehn (ZEEP-tsayn)
18achtzehn (AHKH-tsayn)
19neunzehn (NOYN-tsayn)
20zwanzig (TSVAHN-tsikh)
21einundzwanzig (IGHN-oont-tsvahn-tsikh)
22zweiundzwanzig (TSVIGH-oont-tsvahn-tsikh)
23dreiundzwanzig (DRIGH-oont-tsvahn-tsikh)
30dreißig (DRIGH-sikh)
40vierzig (FEER-tsikh)
50fünfzig (FUUNF-tsikh)
60sechzig (ZEKH-tsikh)
70siebzig (ZEEP-tsikh)
80achtzig (AHKH-tsikh)
90neunzig (NOYN-tsikh)
100(ein)hundert ([ighn]-HOON-dert)
200zweihundert (TSVIGH-hoon-dert)
300dreihundert (DRIGH-hoon-dert)
1000(ein)tausend ([ighn]-TOW-zent)
2000zweitausend (TSVIGH-tow-zent)
1,000,000eine Million (igh-nuh mill-YOHN)
1,000,000,000eine Milliarde (igh-nuh mill-YAR-duh)
Please note:The difference to American English numbers, often mistranslated!
1,000,000,000,000eine Billion (igh-nuh bill-YOHN)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)Nummer/Linie _____ (NOO-mer/LEE-nee-uh)
halfhalb (hahlp)
the halfdie Hälfte (dee HELF-tuh)
lessweniger (VAY-nihg-er)
moremehr (mayr)

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