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How to say money in German

Need to know the German word for cash? We have listed here a summary of German cash associated phrases there’s a chance you’re needing whenever traveling in German speaking cities. Learn More

Touring is sometimes very pricey, for this reason it is necessary to have a fine knowledge of German terminology for money relevant issues just like trading money and business banking. More Info
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Each and every country around the globe features its own monetary system. Trading money in German speaking regions is one among the common banking need for tourists. Hence, it is vital that you receive the most your money can buy by getting acquainted with these typical monetary phrases in German.

Dealing With Money in German

We’ve got a listing of German terms that can be used while exchanging money in Germany or simply when acquiring something in stores.

Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars?Nehmen Sie US-Dollar/australische/kanadische Dollar an? (NAY-men zee OOH-ESS DOLL-ahr/ouss-TRAHL-ish-uh/kah-NAH-dish-uh DOLL-ahr?)
Do you accept British pounds?Nehmen Sie britische Pfund an? (NAY-men zee BRIT-ish-uh PFOOND?)
Do you accept credit cards?Kann ich mit Kreditkarte zahlen? (kahn ikh mit kray-DEET-kahr-tuh TSAH-len?)
Can you change money for me?Können Sie mir Geld wechseln? (KOON-en zee meer GELT WEKHS-eln?)
Where can I get money changed?Wo kann ich Geld wechseln? (voh kahn ikh GELT WEKHS-eln?)
Can you change a traveller's check for me?Kann ich hier Travellerschecks einlösen? (kahn ikh heer TREV-el-er-shecks IGHN-loo-zen?)
Where can I get a traveler's check changed?Wo kann ich Travellerschecks tauschen? (voh kahn ikh TREV-el-er-shecks TOW-shen?) (TOW rhymes with "cow")
What is the exchange rate?Wie ist der Wechselkurs? (vee ist dayr VEK-sel-koorss?)
Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?Wo ist ein Geldautomat? (voh ist ign GELT-ow-toh-maht?)

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