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How do we say the Days of the week in German language

When you find yourself exploring in Germany and people actually asks you in German “what day is it today?” you have got to understand how to communicate the days of the week in German quickly. What the person asks “when am I going to meet you again?” You will have to write the time in German perhaps. Make use of our day time terms in German down below to find out the full week days in German. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in German

todayheute (HOY-tuh)
the day before yesterdayvorgestern (FOR-gess-tern)
yesterdaygestern (GESS-tern)
tomorrowmorgen (MOR-gen)
the day after tomorrowübermorgen (uuber-MOR-gen)
this weekdiese Woche (DEE-zuh VOH-khuh)
last weekletzte Woche (LETS-tuh VOH-khuh)
the week before last weekvorletzte Woche (for-LETS-tuh VOH-khuh)
next weeknächste Woche (NEX-tuh VOH-khuh)
the week after next weekübernächste Woche (uuber-NEX-tuh VOH-khuh)
Note:The week is considered starting on monday in germany.
MondayMontag (MON-tahk)
TuesdayDienstag (DEENS-tahk)
WednesdayMittwoch (MIT-vokh)
ThursdayDonnerstag (DON-ers-tahk)
FridayFreitag (FRIGH-tahk)
SaturdaySamstag (ZAMS-tahk), in some regions "Sonnabend" (ZON-ah-bent)
SundaySonntag (ZON-tahk)

Months in German Language

JanuaryJanuar (YAH-noo-ahr), in Austria "Jänner" (YEH-nna)
FebruaryFebruar (FAY-broo-ahr.), in Austria "Feber" (FAY-ber)
MarchMärz (mehrts)
AprilApril (ah-PRILL)
MayMai (migh)
JuneJuni (YOO-nee)
JulyJuli (YOO-lee)
AugustAugust (ow-GOOST)
SeptemberSeptember (zep-TEM-ber)
OctoberOktober (ok-TOH-ber)
NovemberNovember (noh-VEM-ber)
DecemberDezember (day-TSEM-ber)

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