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About Ordering Food in German

Hungry? How to go about buying food in German? These are typically a few of the questions you’ll have whenever venturing in a German speaking nation. Learn More

Regardless of whether you’re about to live in a German speaking country or intending on a brief visit there, discovering how to get food in German is very important. Going out at German restaurants and bistros is usually a lot of fun, particularly if you fully understand some rudimentary German restaurant vocabulary. More …
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We have stated several typical meal relevant phrases in German, underneath, wishing they will often guide you when you’re buying dinner in German.

Speaking German When Eating Out

Just click here to find out the German meals sentences easily which you can use for purchasing food items in German dining places and cafes.

A table for one person/two people, please.Ein Tisch für eine Person/zwei Personen, bitte. (ighn TISH fuur IGHN-uh payr-ZOHN/TSVIGH payr-ZOHN-nen, BIT-tuh)
Can I look at the menu, please?Ich hätte gerne die Speisekarte. (ikh HET-tuh GAYR-nuh dee SHPIGH-zuh-kahr-tuh)
Is there a house specialty?Gibt es eine Spezialität des Hauses? (gipt ess igh-nuh shpeh-tsyah-lee-TAYT dess HOW-zess?)
Is there a local specialty?Gibt es eine Spezialität aus dieser Gegend? (gipt ess igh-nuh shpeh-tsyah-lee-TAYT owss DEE-zer GAY-gent?)
I'm a vegetarian.Ich bin Vegetarier. (ikh bin vay-gay-TAH-ree-er)
I don't eat pork.Ich esse kein Schweinefleisch. (ikh ESS-uh kign SHVIGN-uh-flighsh)
I only eat kosher food.Ich esse nur koscher. (ikh ESS-uh noor KOH-sher)
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)Könnten Sie es bitte nicht so fett machen? (KOON-ten zee ess BIT-tuh nikht zo fett MAHKH-en?)
fixed-price mealTagesessen (TAHG-ess-ess-en) / Menü (meh-NUU) Note: While "Tagesessen" should be used in pubs and taverns, "Menü" is the correct word in classic restaurants.
Without, eg. I would like spaghetti without cheeseIch möchte die Spaghetti, ohne Käse (Ikh merkhte dee schpagetti, ohna kayze), "Ohne" being the key word here.
à la cartea la carte (ah lah KAHRT)
breakfastFrühstück (FRUU-shtuuk)
lunchMittagessen (mit-TAHK-ess-en)
tea (meal)Kaffee (kah-FAY)
supperAbendessen or Abendbrot (AH-bent-ess-en or AH-bent-broht) Note: "Abendbrot" is mainly used in rural areas. Most Germans, even the non-English speaking, understand dinner as well.
I would like _____.Ich möchte _____. (ikh MERKH-tuh)
I would like a dish containing ____Ich möchte etwas mit ____ (ikh MOOKH-tuh ett-vahss mit _____) / Literally means "I want something with ____"
chickenHuhn (hoon)
beefRindfleisch (RINT-flighsh)
fishFisch (fish)
hamSchinken (SHINK-en)
sausage (Will also be heard as a way to say whatever)Wurst (voorst)
cheeseKäse (KAY-zuh)
eggsEier (IGH-er)
saladSalat (zah-LAHT)
(fresh) vegetables(frisches) Gemüse ([FRISH-ess] guh-MUU-zuh)
(fresh) fruit(frisches) Obst ([FRISH-ess] OWPST)
breadBrot (broht)
toastToast (tohst)
noodlesNudeln (NOO-deln)
riceReis (righss)
beansBohnen (BOH-nen)
May I have a glass of _____?Könnte ich ein Glas _____ haben? (KOON-tuh ikh ighn glahss _____ HAH-ben?)
May I have a cup of _____?Könnte ich eine Tasse _____ haben? (KOON-tuh ikh IGH-nuh TAH-suh _____ HAH-ben?)
May I have a bottle of _____?Könnte ich eine Flasche _____ haben? (KOON-tuh ikh IGH-nuh FLAH-shuh _____ HAH-ben?)
coffeeKaffee (kah-FAY)
tea (drink)Tee (tay)
juiceSaft (zahft)
(bubbly) waterMineralwasser or Sprudel(-wasser) (mee-ne-RAHL-wah-ser or SHPROO-del-[wah-ser])
water (tap)Leitungswasser (LIGH-toongs-wah-ser) Note: Tap water is quite uncommon in German restaurants.
beerBier (beer) Note: At least in Germany and Austria, you better say what kind of beer you want. There are: Export (EKS-port), known as 'Helles' (HELL-as) in Bavaria and as 'Lager' (LAH-ger) in Switzerland; Pils (pilss); Hefeweizen (HAY-fuh-vigh-tsen), known as 'Weißbier' (VIGHSS-beer) in Bavaria; dunkles Hefeweizen (DOONK-less HAY-fuh-vigh-tsen); Alt (ahlt) in the Düsseldorf region; Kölsch (koolsh) in Cologne and probably most of the other Rhineland; Bockbier (BOCK-beer) sometimes in the South of Germany. If you only say beer, you will get a Pils on most cases.
red/white wineRot-/Weiß-wein (ROHT-/VIGHSS-vighn)
May I have some _____?Kann ich etwas _____ haben? (kahn ikh ET-vahss _____ HAH-ben?)
saltSalz (zahlts)
black pepperPfeffer (PFEF-er)
butterButter (BOO-ter)
Excuse me, waiter! (getting attention of server)Entschuldigung! (ent-SHOOL-dih-goong)
I'm finished.Ich bin fertig. (ikh bin FAYR-tikh)
It was delicious.Es war hervorragend. (ess vahr hayr-FOR-rah-gent)
Please clear the plates.Würden Sie bitte abräumen? (VUUR-den zee BIT-tuh ahb-ROY-men?)
The check, please.Zahlen, bitte. (TSAH-len, BIT-tuh)

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