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Useful Hungarian Phrases for Getting Taxi

Want to know the best way to articulate, How much is usually a taxi to your hotel in Hungarian? Learn More

Now we have bundled popular Hungarian terms used for getting a taxi cab in Hungarian along with English pronunciation. Phrases to catch a taxi
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List of Phrases For Getting Taxi in Hungarian

Taxi!Taxi! (“taxi”)
Take me to _____, please.Vigyen kérem a _____-ra/-re. (VI-djen KEY-rem å _____-rå/-re)
How much does it cost to get to _____?Mennyibe kerül eljutni _____-ba/-be? (MEN-nyi-be KE-růl EL-yout-ni)
Take me there, please.Vigyen oda, kérem. (VI-djen O-då, KEY-rem)

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