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About Hungarian Consonants Chart

Would like to know what are the consonants when it comes to Hungarian language? In articulatory phonetics, a Hungarian consonant is usually a speech sound that is articulated having complete or partial closure in the vocal region. The term consonant can be used to make reference to a letter of a Hungarian alphabet that implies a consonant sound. Learn More

Hungarian Consonants Chart

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Hungarian Consonants in Alphabet

Only the consonants having sounds different from those in English are noted here. Consonant length is distinctive: tizenegyedik "eleventh" vs. tizennegyedik "fourteenth". Consonants written with two letters are doubled by doubling the first letter: asszony "woman". Exception: tizennyolc is tizen-nyolc. Think of pronouncing 'Ben Nevis' with the two n's pronounced separately, with a split-second pause between them.
clike 'ts' in hats → [SYMBOL: ts]
cslike 'ch' in chair → [SYMBOL: ch]
dzslike 'dg' in badge → [SYMBOL: j]
gylike 'd' in duty or 'de y' in made your → [SYMBOL: dj]
jlike 'y' in yes → [SYMBOL: y]
lysame as j
nyas in canyon or 'ñ' in señor → [SYMBOL: ny]
ralways rolled like as in Spanish "María: less guttural than German
sas in sugar → [SYMBOL: sh]. It is easy to confuse this with sz!
szlike 's' in see → [SYMBOL: s]
tylike the t in tube [SYMBOL: ty]
zslike 'g' in genre or 's' in pleasure → [SYMBOL: zh]

Hungarian Diphthongs in Alphabet

Select the hyperlinks below to find out a list of useful Hungarian holiday key phrases that are sorted by group. For each holiday word or phrase in Hungarian, you will notice the English interpretation.

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