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Do you know what exactly to say when you are having difficulty in Hungarian? You may be in a scenario where anyone is troubling you or perhaps you had missing your travelling bag inside a place where they speak Hungarian. Learn More

People do not have to get worried. We compiled a number of Hungarian words and phrases which you can use in an emergency. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Hungarian Language

Leave me alone.Hagyj békén! (hådʸ BEY-keyn)
Don't touch me!Ne érj hozzám! (ne eyrʸ)
I'll call the police.Hívom a rendőrséget. (HEE-vom å REN-dø̱r-shey-get)
Police!Rendőrség! (REN-dø̱r-sheyg)
Stop! Thief!Megállj! Tolvaj! (ME-"guy" Thol-vay)
I need your help.Segítened kell. (SHE-gee-te-ned kel)
It's an emergency.Vészhelyzet van. (VEYS-hey-zet vån)
I'm lost.Eltévedtem. (EL-tey-ved-tem)
I lost my bag.Elveszett a táskám. (EL-ve-set å TASH-kam)
I lost my wallet.Elveszett a tárcám. (EL-ve-set å TAR-tsam)
I'm sick.Rosszul vagyok. (RO-soul VÅ-djok)
I've been injured.Megsérültem. (MEG-shey-růl-tem)
I need a doctor.Szükségem van egy orvosra. (SŮK-shey-gem vån edj Or-vosh-rå)
Can I use your phone?Használhatom a telefonját? (HÅS-nal-hå-tom å TE-le-fon-yat)

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