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About Getting Directions in Malayalam Language

Whilst venturing in Kerala or any area where people talk in Malayalam, are you aware of the best way to your vacation destination? Venturing in Malayalam-speaking countries is usually exciting not to mention adventurous. Learn More

However, it’s essential to know how you can ask information in Malayalam as well as understand what you’re advised. Malayalam Phrases For Direction
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This kind of Malayalam vocab below will allow you to have an understanding of instructions in Malayalam.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Malayalam

How do I get to _____ ?Engene enikku _________ etham?
...the train station?Engene enikku rail* way stationanil etham?
...the bus station?Engene enikku bus-standil ettham?
...the airport?Engene enikku vimanathaavalathil etham?
...downtown?Engene enikku nagarathil ettham?
...the youth hostel?Engene enikku youth hostelil etham?
...the _____ hotel?Engene enikku _______ hotelil etham?
...the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate?Engene enikku American/Canadian/Australian/British nayathantra karyalathil entham?
Where are there a lot of...Evideyaanu dhaaralam .............
...hotels?Evideyaanu dhaaralam hotelukal ullathu?
...restaurants?Evideyaanu dhaaralam bhakshna-shalakal ullathu?
...bars?Evideyanu dhaaralam BARukal ullathu?
...sites to see?Evideyaanu dhaaralam sthalangal kaanuvan ullathu?
Can you show me on the map?Enikku map-il onnu kaanichu tharaamo?
laneVeedhi, mudukku
National/State highwayDeshiya/Samasthana Padha
Turn left.Idatthekku/Idathottu thiriyuka
Turn right.Valatthekku/Valathottu thiriyuka
straight aheadNere povuka
towards the bridgePalathinu aduthekku
past the _____Aa _____ kazhinhu
before the _____Aa ______ munpu
Watch for the _____.Aa _________ nokkuka / sradhikkanam
intersectionKoodicherunna sthalatham

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