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About Ordering Food in Malayalam

Hungry? How to go about purchasing meals in Malayalam? These are typically a few of the questions you will have whenever visiting in a Malayalam speaking country. Learn More

Regardless if you are planning to live in a Malayalam speaking country or planning on a short visit there, knowing how to order meals in Malayalam is very important. Dining out at Malayalam restaurants and cafes is often a lot of fun, especially if you fully understand some rudimentary Malayalam restaurant vocabulary. More …
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We have outlined some basic meal related words and phrases in Malayalam, down below, with the hope they are able to help you when you’re buying meals in Malayalam.

Speaking Malayalam When Eating Out

Click the link to learn the Malayalam food keyword phrases simply that can be used when it comes to ordering food items in Malayalam dining establishments and coffee shops.

A table for one person/two people, please.Enniku/Njangalkku oru meesha vennam
Can I look at the menu, please?Enikku menu kanamo? / Menu onnu kanikkamo?
Can I look in the kitchen?Enikku adukala kanamo? OR Adukkala Onnu kandotte..?
Is there a house specialty?Innathe special entha?
Is there a local specialty?Nadan Bhakshanam vallathum undo?
I'm a vegetarian.Njan Sasyabhojiyaa/sasyabhukku aanu.
I don't eat pork.Njan panni kazhikilla
I don't eat beef.Njan pothirachi thinnilla/kazhikkilla
I only eat kosher food.Njan juda bhakshanam matramme kazhikkullu
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)Enna/Neyyu/Kozhuppu kurachu bhakshanam undakamo/paaka peduthamo?
fixed-price mealMeals/oonu undo?
à la carteMenu undo?
breakfastPrathal / Prabhatha Bhakshanam
snacksLeghu Bhakshanam or cheru-kadi
I want a_____.Enikk oru......venam
I want a dish containing _____.Enikku____________kondu undakkiya enthengilum mathi
sausagehot dogs / Eerachi
cheesePalkkatty / Panneer
(fresh) vegetablesPachakkary
(fresh) fruitsPazha vargangal/ pazhangal
breadroti, appam, bread
May I have a glass of _____?Oru glass ___________ tharamo?
May I have a cup of _____?Oru kappu______________tharamo?
May I have a bottle of _____?Oru kuppi ________ tharamo?
juicepazhachar/ juice /neer
(bubbly) waterSoda
cool drinksSheethala paaneeyam
red/white wineChuvanna/Velutha Veenjhu
May I have some _____?Kurachu______ tharamo?
black pepperKurumulaku
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)Athhe Chaeta (chaetan means brother(elder)..for a female, it is chechi(sister))
I'm finished.Njan Mathiyakkuvaa/enikku mathi
It was delicious.ruchikaram /Gambeeram
Please clear the plates.Paathrangal Edutholoo
The cheque, please.Cheque thannalum
BarsDo you serve alcohol?
Ningal madhyam vilambumo?Is there table service?
Table service undo?A beer/two beers, please.
Randu beer tharooA glass of red/white wine, please
Oru glass chuvanna/Velutha veenjhu tharaamoA pint, please.
Oru paynnt tharamoA bottle, please.
Oru Kuppy tharamowater
VellamDo you have any bar snacks?
Thottu-koottan enthengilum undoOne more, please.
Onnum koodi pleaseAnother round, please.
Orennam koodiWhen is closing time?
Eppozha adakkunnathufood

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