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Do you know precisely what to mention when you are having difficulty in Malayalam? You could be in a scenario where an individual is bothering you or perhaps you had misplaced your handbag in a nation where they speak Malayalam. Learn More

People do not need to worry. We collected a list of Malayalam terms which can be used in desperate situations. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Malayalam Language

Leave me alone.Enne veruthe vidoo.
Don't touch me!Enne thodaruthu.
I'll call the police.Njaan policine vilikkum.
Police!Police! (Police)
Stop! Thief!Nilku! Kallan!
I need your help.Enikku ningalude sahaayam venam.
It's an emergency.Ithu athhyaavashyamaanu
I'm lost.Enikku vazhithetti.
I lost my bag.Ente sanchi nashtappettu.
I lost my wallet.Ente purse nashtappettu.
I'm sick.Enikku sukhamilla.
I've been injured.Enikku murivu patti.
I need a doctor.Enikku doctorude sahaayam venam.
Can I use your phone?Njaan ningalude phone upayogichotte.
Can you give me your phone number?Enikku ningalude phone number tharamo?
I'll kill youNjan ninne kollum
Why are you fighting with me?Ningal enthina ennodu vazhakkidunnathu?
Don't you understand what I am saying?Ningalkku njan paranjathu manasilakunnille?
Tie him upAvane kettiyidu. (Avane means 'Him')
Tie her upAvale kettiyidu (Avale means 'Her')

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