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Alphabet in Maltese Language

Knowing the Maltese alphabet is vital in mastering the Maltese Language. Maltese alphabet composition is used in a daily conversation. With out the Maltese alphabet, it is extremely hard to say the Maltese terms properly even if you know how to write those terms in Maltese. Learn More

As with any language, the far better anyone articulate a letter in a word, the more grasped you’ll be in talking the Maltese language. Take a look at web links which guides you to the Maltese alphabet and how it is pronounced in English.
Maltese Language Words

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Vowels in Maltese Alphabet

alike 'a' in "after"
elike 'e' in "enter"
ilike 'e' in "evil"
olike 'o' in "often"
ulike 'u' in "emu"
ielike 'ea' in "mean"

Consonants in Maltese Alphabet

blike 'b' in "ball"
ċlike 'ch' in "church"
dlike 'd' in "door"
flike 'f' in "fork"
glike 'g' in "gone"
ġlike 'j' in "jump"
mostly silent, except at the end of a word or immediately before 'h', in which case, it sounds like 'ħ'
hmostly silent, except at the end of a word, in which case, it sounds like 'ħ'
ħlike 'h' in "hold"
jlike 'y' in "yellow"
klike 'c' in "cake"
llike 'l' in "love"
mlike 'm' in "make"
nlike 'n' in "nice"
plike 'p' in "pig"
qglottal stop, no direct equivalent. Similar to the Cockney English pronunciation of 'tt' in "bottle"
rlike 'r' in "rail". Rolled like the Spanish 'r'.
slike 's' in "saw"
tlike 't' in "tail"
vlike 'v' in "victory"
wlike 'w' in "weight"
xlike 'sh' in "shore"
zlike 'ts' in "dots"
żlike 'z' in "zero"

Semi Vowels/ Diphthongs in Maltese Alphabet

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