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For anyone who is in Malta or a Maltese speaking nation, ever thought about the best ways to tell the actual time in Maltese? Telling the actual time in Maltese is all about learning the Maltese numbers as well as some tips concerning the hours, minutes and seconds in Maltese. Learn More

Within this webpage, you will learn easily ways to tell the time in Maltese while using subsequent words and phrases with regard to:
Maltese Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Maltese Language

nowissa (is-SAH)
lateriktar tard (ick-TAR tard)
beforeqabel (AA-bel)
morningfilgħodu (fill-O-doo)
afternoonwara n-nofsinhar (WAA-rah in nofs-in-aar)
eveningfilgħaxija (fill-AA-shee-ya)
nightbil-lejl (bill leyl)

Wish to know the correct way to say eight o-clock in Maltese? Take advantage of the sentences beneath to guide you tell the present time on the clock in Maltese.
Note that 'one o'clock' and 'two o'clock' are exceptions to the rule of reading clock time. Times between 'three o'clock' to 'eleven o'clock' are told normally and told normally by using the numbers.
one o'clock AMis-siegħa ta' filgħodu (is SEE-yah tah fill-O-doo)
two o'clock AMis-sagħtejn ta' filgħodu (is SAH-teyn tah fill-O-doo)
three o'clock AMit-tlieta ta' filgħodu (it TLIH-ta tah fill-O-doo)
noonnofsinhar (nofs-in-aar)
one o'clock PMis-siegħa ta' wara n-nofsinhar (is SEE-yah tah WAA-rah in nofs-in-aar)
two o'clock PMis-sagħtejn ta' wara n-nofsinhar (is SAH-teyn tah WAA-rah in nofs-in-aar)
three o'clock AMit-tlieta ta' wara n-nofsinhar (it TLIH-ta tah WAA-rah in nofs-in-aar)
midnightnofsilejl (nofs-ill-leyl)

Make use of the elementary Maltese words and phrases to determine the time length for instance a Year, Week and a Month when it comes to Maltese language.
_____ minute(s)_____ minuta(minuti) (mih-NOO-tah (mih-NOO-tee))
_____ hour(s)_____ siegħa(t) (see-aa (see-aat))
_____ day(s)_____ jum(jiem) (yoom (yiem))
_____ week(s)_____ ġimgħa(t) (jim-aa (jim-aat))
_____ month(s)_____ xahar(xhur) (xaar (xoor))
_____ year(s)_____ sena(snin) (se-na (snin))

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