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About the Colours in Maltese

While you are planning to take a shopping spree in Malta or a Maltese speaking country, don’t forget to study the colours in Maltese language. The names of colors in Maltese will come in very handy while you are looking for additional selections in numerous items your are thinking to shop for. Learn More

Using this specific website, you’re able to understand how to suggest the names of different colours in Maltese. We hope that by studying and learning the Maltese color chart beneath, you are able to understand many of the actual major colours in Maltese.
Maltese Language Words

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Maltese Colours List

blackiswed (ISS-wet)
iswed (ISS-wet)white
whiteabjad (AHB-yat)
abjad (AHB-yat)gray
graygriż (grees)
griż (grees)red
redaħmar (AHH-mar)
aħmar (AHH-mar)blue
blueblu (blu)
blu (blu)yellow
yellowisfar (ISS-far)
isfar (ISS-far)green
greenaħdar (AHH-dar)
aħdar (AHH-dar)orange
orangeoranġjo (oh-RAHN-jyo)
oranġjo (oh-RAHN-jyo)purple
purplevjola (VYO-lah)
vjola (VYO-lah)brown
brownkannella (kahn-NEL-lah)
kannella (kahn-NEL-lah)pink
pinkroża (RO-sa)

Click on the hyperlinks directly below to find a number of practical Maltese travel phrases which are structured by category. For every holiday phrase in Maltese, there’ll be the actual English translation.

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