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Learn How to Say Numbers in Maltese Language

Want to know how to voice the actual phone numbers in Maltese? You might want to add up to 12 in Maltese. We’ve listed each written pronunciations of ways to state typically the numbers in Maltese language. We’re able to perhaps present to you the right way to say great amounts in Maltese successfully. Learn More

List of Numbers in Maltese Language

We now have all the Maltese numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, shown below that you’ll need to learn. More …

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In order to make counting the particular numbers in Maltese easier for you, we certainly have separated the numbers in to scaled-down parts. Every one of these webpages feature a quick video you can enjoy to master the ideal pronunciation.
1wieħed (WEE-hed)
2tnejn (tneyn)
3tlieta (TLEE-ta)
4erbgħa (EHR-ba)
5ħamsa (HAM-sa)
6sitta (SIT-ta)
7sebgħa (SEH-ba)
8tmienja (tmeehn-ya)
9disgħa (DIH-sa)
10għaxra (AA-shra)
11ħdax (hdash)
12tnax (tnash)
13tlettax (tleht-TAASH)
14erbatax (ehr-ba-TAASH)
15ħmistax (hmiss-TAASH)
16sittax (sit-TAASH)
17sbatax (zba-TAASH)
18tmintax (tmin-TAASH)
19dsatax (tsa-TAASH)
20għoxrin (osh-REEN)
21wieħed u għoxrin (WEE-hed oo osh-REEN)
22tnejn u għoxrin (tneyn oo osh-REEN)
23tlieta u għoxrin (TLEE-ta oo osh-REEN)
30tletin (tleh-TEEN)
40erbgħin (ehr-BAYN)
50ħamsin (hum-SEEN)
60sittin (sit-TEEN)
70sebgħin (seh-BAYN)
80tmenin (tmeh-NEEN)
90disgħin (dih-SAYN)
100mija (MEE-ya)
101mija u wieħed (MEE-ya oo WEE-hed)
200mitejn (mee-TEYN)
300tliet mija (tlet MEE-ya)
1000elf (elf)
2000elfejn (el-FAYN)
1,000,000miljun (mill-YOON)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)numru _____ (noo-mroo)
halfnofs (nofs)
lessinqas (IN-aas)
moreiktar (ICK-tar)
Please noteSome phrasing involving numbers may be difficult to catch for anyone not familiar with the Maltese language.

Click on the hyperlinks directly below to see a number of useful Maltese holiday keyword phrases which you’ll find organized by group. For every holiday word or phrase in Maltese, there’ll be the actual English interpretation.

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