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About the Colours in French

When you find yourself planning to take a shopping spree in France or a French speaking region, don’t forget to learn the colours in French language. The names of colours in French will come in incredibly useful when you find yourself looking for greater options in numerous goods your are planning to order. Learn More

On this specific online page, you can easily know how to reveal the names a variety of colors in French. We believe by reading through and understanding the French colour chart below, it will be easier to determine all the primary colors in French.
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French Colours List

Note: Like other romance languages, nouns in french are either "masculine" or "feminine" and adjectives vary accordingly.
blacknoir/noire (nwahr)
whiteblanc/blanche (blahng/blahnsh)
graygris/grise (gree/greez)
redrouge (roozh)
bluebleu/bleue (bluh)
yellowjaune (zhohn)
greenvert/verte (vair/vairt)
orangeorange (aw-RAHNGZH)
purpleviolet/violette (vyaw-LEH/vyaw-LET)
brownbrun/brune (bruhn/brewn) or marron (MAH-rohn)
pinkrose (rohz)

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