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If you’re in France or perhaps a French speaking nation, ever thought about the best ways to tell the time in French? Telling the actual time in French is all about understanding the French numbers and a few tips with regards to the hours, minutes and seconds in French. Learn More

On this page, you’ll find out easily the best way to tell the time when it comes to French while using the subsequent sentences regarding:
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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in French Language

nowmaintenant (mant-NAHNG)
laterplus tard (plew TAHR)
beforeavant (ah-VAHNG)
afteraprès (ah-PREH)
morningle matin (luh mah-TANG)
in the morningau matin (oh mah-TANG) or dans la matinée (dahn lah mah-tee-NAY)
afternoonl'après-midi (lah-preh-mee-DEE)
in the afternoonà l'après-midi (ah lah-preh-mee-DEE)
eveningle soir (luh SWAHR)
in the eveningdans la soirée (dahn lah swah-RAY) or au soir (oh SWAHR)
nightla nuit (lah NWEE)
in the nightà la nuit (ah lah NWEE)

Need to learn the simplest way to say eight o-clock in French? Make use of the phrases underneath to enable you tell the current time on the clock in French.
Please Note:The French use the 24 hour clock, with midnight being 0h00 (note that, except on digital clocks, in France an 'h' is used as a separator between hours and minutes as opposed to a colon in many other countries). However, the 12-hour clock is making some inroads and saying 1-11 in the afternoon or evening will be understood.
hourheure (ur)
minuteminute (mee-NUUT)
From 1-30 past the hour / ___ plus ___[hour] + plus (pluu') + [number] or Example: 10h20 dix heure plus vignt (deez er pluu VAGN)
For 1-29 until the hour / __ 'til ___[next hour] + moins (mwan)
quarterquart/le quart (KAHR/luh KAHR)
7h15 = sept heures et quart (set er eh luh KAHR)
16h45 = dix sept heures moins le quart (deez SET er mwan luh KAHR)
half-past : demie (duh-MEE); demi (after midnight or noon, duh-MEE)
10h30 = dix heure et demie (deez er eh duh-MEE)
one o'clock AM, 1h00une heure du matin (uun er duu ma-TAN)
two o'clock AM, 2h00deux heures du matin (dooz er duu ma-TAN)
noon, 12h00midi (mee-DEE)
one o'clock PM, 13h00treize heure (traiyz er) or une heure de l'après-midi (uun er duh la-preh-mee-DEE)
two o'clock PM, 14h00quatorze heure (KAH-torz er) or deux heures de l'après-midi (duz er duh la-preh-mee-DEE)
six o'clock PM, 18h00dix-huit heure (deez-weet ER) or six heures du soir (sees er dew SWAR)
half past seven, 19h30sept heures et demi (SET er eh duh-MEE) or dix-neuf heures trente (DEE-znuf er TRAHNT)
midnight 0h00minuit (mee-NWEE)

Utilize the simple French words and phrases to tell the time duration like a Year, Week and a Month in French language.
_____ minute(s)_____ minute(s) (mee-NUUT)
_____ hour(s)_____ heure(s) (er)
_____ day(s)_____ jour(s) (zhoor)
_____ week(s)_____ semaine(s) (suh-MEN)
_____ month(s)_____ mois (mwa)
_____ year(s)_____ an(s) (ahng), année(s) (ah-NAY)
dailyquotidienne (ko-tee-DYEN)
weeklyhebdomadaire (eb-doh-ma-DAIYR)
monthlymensuel (mang-suu-WEL)
yearlyannuel (ah-nuu-WEL)

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