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About Months in French Language

Discovering the way to determine the months in French is incredibly helpful and normally be looked at as standard French speech. We’ve listed the months in French language down below that may help you articulate the months in French. Learn More

List of the Months in French

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Januaryjanvier (zhahng-VYAY)
Februaryfévrier (fay-VRYAY)
Marchmars (mahrs)
Aprilavril (ah-VREEL)
Maymai (meh)
Junejuin (zhwang)
Julyjuillet (zhwee-YAY)
Augustaoût (oot)
Septemberseptembre (set-TAHMBR)
Octoberoctobre (ock-TOHBR)
Novembernovembre (noh-VAHMBR)
Decemberdécembre (day-SAHMBR)

Select the hyperlinks directly below to see a list of beneficial French holiday key phrases which are structured by category. For every holiday word or phrase in French, there’ll be the actual English interpretation.

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