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About the Colours in Japanese

While you are planning to take a shopping spree in Japan or a Japanese speaking country, remember to learn the colours in Japanese language. The names of colours in Japanese will come in really useful if you are looking for more options in numerous goods your are contemplating to get. Learn More

Starting from this online page, it is simple to figure out how to suggest the names of various colors in Japanese. We hope by reading through and learning the Japanese color chart below, you’ll be able to know many of typically the essential colours in Japanese.
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Japanese Colours List

Many of the English words for colors are widely used and understood by almost all Japanese. These are indicated after the slash.
Note that some Japanese colors are normally suffixed with -iro (色) to distinguish between the color and the object. For example, 茶 cha means "tea", but 茶色 chairo means "tea-color" → "brown".
black黒 / ブラック (kuro / burakku)
white白 / ホワイト (shiro / howaito)
gray灰(色) / グレー (hai(iro) / gurē)
red赤 / レッド (aka / reddo)
blue青 / ブルー (ao / burū)
yellow黄(色) / イエロー (ki(iro) / ierō)
green緑 / グリーン (midori / guriin)
orange橙 / オレンジ (daidai / orenji)
purple紫 / パープル (murasaki / pāpuru)
brown茶(色) / ブラウン (cha(iro) / buraun)

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