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Do you know what exactly to say if you find yourself having difficulty in Danish? You might be in a situation where anyone is annoying you or you had lost your handbag in a country where they communicate in Danish. Learn More

People don’t have to get worried. We put together a list of Danish words and phrases which can be used in an emergency. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Danish Language

Leave me alone. Lad mig være i fred (Ladh ma'ee ware i fredh).
Don't touch me! Rør mig ikke! (Rawr ma'ee 'eek'e)
I'll call the police. Jeg ringer efter politiet (Ya'ee rang'ehr ef-tuh po'lee'teet).
Police! Politi (Po'lee'tee)!
Stop! Thief! Stop tyven (Stop tee'ven)!
I need your(sg)/your(pl) help. Jeg har brug for din/jeres hjælp (Ya'ee har bro' for deen/Y'ayers yelp).
It's an emergency. Det er et nødstilfælde (Day air ed need'steel'fell'eh).
I'm lost. Jeg er faret vild (Ya'ee air far'red veel.).
I lost my bag. Jeg har mistet min taske (Ya'ee har mis'ted mean task'eh).
I lost my wallet. Jeg har mistet min tegnebog (Ya'ee har mis'ted meenn tai'neh'b'oh).
I'm sick. Jeg er syg (Ya'ee air sic-). (Sick without the K)
I've been injured. Jeg er kommet til skade (Ya'ee air comet tel' skadhe).
I need a doctor. Jeg har brug for en læge (Ya'ee har bro' for en lay'eh).
Can I use your phone? Må jeg låne din telefon? (Mo' ya'ee lone'eh deen telephon')

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