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Learn How to Tell Numbers in Danish Language

Wish to know how to say the telephone numbers in Danish? You may have to count up to Twenty in Danish. We have provided each written pronunciations of methods to say typically the figures in Danish language. We can actually demonstrate how to tell you major numbers in Danish successfully. Learn More

List of Numbers in Danish Language

We’ve got all of the the Danish numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, listed below that you will have to know. More …

Danish Language Words

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To ensure counting the numbers found in Danish simpler for you, we have categorised the numbers in to smaller-sized areas. Each of these pages include a short video tutorial you can view to learn the best pronunciation.
en (en)/et (ed)
to (to)
tre (trre)
fire (fear)
fem (fem)
seks (seks)
syv (sur'oo)
otte (ude)
ni (ni)
10 ti (ti)
11 elleve (eleve)
12 tolv (toll)
13 tretten (tredn)
14 fjorten (fyordn)
15 femten (femden)
16 seksten (seksden)
17 sytten (surdn)
18 atten (adn)
19 nitten (needn)
20 tyve (turve)
21 enogtyve (enoyturve)
22 toogtyve (to'oyturve)
23 treogtyve (tre'oyturve)
30 tredieve (tredhieve)
40 fyrre (furre)
50 halvtreds, femti (halvtres) (femdi)
60 tres (tres)
70 halvfjerds (hal-fjærs)
80 firs(firs)
90 halvfems (halfems)
100 ethundrede (edhunredhe)
150 ethundrede og halvtreds
200 tohundrede (tohunredhe)
300 trehundrede (trehunredhe)
1000 tusind (toosin)
2000 totusinde (totoosine)
1,000,000 en million, abbr: en mio.
1,000,000,000 en milliard (en miliar), abbr: en mia.
1,000,000,000,000 en billion
number _____ (train, bus, etc.) nummer _____ (numuh ...)
half halv (hal)
less mindre (minre)
more mere (mere)

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