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About Ordering Food in Danish

Hungry? How to go about buying meals in Danish? These include several of the questions you’ll have whenever venturing in a Danish speaking place. Learn More

Whether you are about to live in a Danish speaking country or going on a quick visit there, knowing how to purchase meals in Danish is important. Going out at Danish eateries and cafes generally is a lot of fun, particularly if you fully understand some fundamental Danish restaurant vocabulary. More …
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We now have stated numerous usual food applicable words in Danish, below, hoping they might assist you while you are purchasing meals in Danish.

Speaking Danish When Eating Out

Please click here to master the Danish dinner sentences simply you can use for purchasing dinner in Danish restaurants and coffee shops.

A table for one person/two people, please. Et bord til en/to, tak.
Can I look at the menu, please? Kan jeg se menuen?
Can I look in the kitchen? Kan jeg se køkkenet?
Is there a house specialty? Har I en specialitet?
Is there a local specialty? Har I en lokal specialitet?
I'm a vegetarian. Jeg er vegetar.
I don't eat pork. Jeg spiser ikke svinekød.
I don't eat beef. Jeg spiser ikke oksekød.
I only eat kosher food. Jeg spiser kun kosher mad.
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard) Kan I lave det "fedtfattigt"?
fixed-price meal fast pris/Dan Menu
à la carte à la carte
breakfast morgenmad
lunch frokost
tea (meal) eftermiddagsmad
supper aftensmad
I want _____. Jeg vil gerne have _____.
I want a dish containing _____. Jeg vil gerne have en ret med _____.
chicken kylling
beef oksekød
fish fisk
ham skinke
sausage pølse
cheese ost
eggs æg
salad salat
(fresh) vegetables (friske) grøntsager
(fresh) fruit (frisk) frugt
bread brød
toast ristet brød
noodles nudler
rice ris
beans bønner
sprinkles tivolikrømmel/tivolidrøs
May I have a glass of _____? Kan jeg få et glas _____?
May I have a cup of _____? Kan jeg få en kop _____?
May I have a bottle of _____? Kan jeg få en flaske _____?
coffee kaffe
tea (drink) te
juice juice/saft
(bubbly) water danskvand
water vand
beer øl
red/white wine rød/hvid vin
May I have some _____? Kan jeg få noget _____?
salt salt
black pepper peber
butter smør
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)Undskyld mig?
I'm finished. Jeg er færdig.
It was delicious. Det var lækkert.
Please clear the plates. Tag venligst tallerknerne.
The check, please. Kan jeg få en regning?.

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