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Nepali can be described as Delightful language. This originated in Nepal yet spoken in a range of regions all over the world. Regions and cities that speak Nepali consists of Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, New Brunswick, Louisiana in North America; former Nepali colonies in North Africa and West Africa; Haiti and Martinique in the Caribbean; Nepali Guiana in South America; Tahiti and various other islands in Oceania. Learn More

Nepali is certainly used as the language of foreign diplomacy and interaction, even though replaced usually by English since World War II, it remains socially de rigueur, required by etiquette, for proficient people throughout the world to have some kind of degree of basic Nepali experience.

Learn to Speak Nepali Language Phrases

Do you need to figure out how to have a discussion in Nepali language, when just beginning? Or simply really need to remember the Nepali phrases you had experienced years ago? From navigating around on trains and buses to ordering food in a new nearby restaurant in Nepal as well as any region where they communicate in the Nepali Language, learn the significant Nepali words on this site to make your tour simpler.

Nepali Language Words

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Hello.Namaste. (Nah-MAH-stay)
Hello. (formal)Namaskar. (Nah-MAH-skar)
How are you?Hajur Sanchai cha? (San-chai-CHA?) (formal) Timlai sanchai cha? (informal) or Hajur/Timlai kasto cha? (Kas-tow CHA?)
Fine, thank you.Sanchai chu,Dhanyabaad. (San-chai-CHu) or Ramro chu. (Ram-row CHu)
What is your name?Hajur ko naam ke ho? (ha-jur ko na-m k ho?) or Tapai ko naam ke ho? (ta-pai ko na-m kay-ho?)
My name is ______ .Meero naam ______ ho. (MAY-ro na-m _____ ho.)
Please.indicated by using the polite form
Thank you.dhanyabaad (DHAN-naii-bat) (not used that much in commerence by native speakers)
Yes.Hajur. (HA-jur) or Ho. (HO)
No.Chaina. (Chai-NA) or Haina. (Hai-Na)
Excuse me. (getting attention)sabai le sunnus ta.
Excuse me. (begging pardon)maaf garnus. (MA-af-GAR-nus)
I'm sorry.ma maafi chahanchu.
Goodbye (informal)Namaste
Bye ByeTa-ta
I only speak a little Nepalima ali-ali Nepali bolchu . (Ma all-ee all-ee nee-pa-li bowl-chu )
Do you speak English?Tapaai Angreji bolnuhunchha? (Ta-Pai- Ang-gri-jee bolnu-hun-cha?)
Is there someone here who speaks English?Koi English bolne cha? (Ko-i English bol-ne-cha?)
Good morning.Subha Prabhat. (not used; instead use Namaste or Good Morning)
Good evening.Good evening. (not used; instead use Namaste or Good Evening)
Good night.Subha ratri. (not used; instead use Namaste or Good Night)
I don't understand.Maile buhjina. (Mai-le Bu-jhi-na)
Where is the toilet?Shauchalaya kata cha? (Sa-u-chha-la-ya ka-ta cha?)

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