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Do you know what exactly to speak about when you are having problems in Nepali? You may be in a situation where someone is troubling you or perhaps you had missing your travelling bag in a region where they speak Nepali. Learn More

People don’t have to get worried. We put together a number of Nepali terms that you can use in a crisis. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Nepali Language

Leave me alone.Malaai eklai chodnus. (Ma-laai ek-laai chod-nus)
Don't touch me!Malaai na chunus! (Ma-laai na chu-nus)
I'll call the police.Ma police bolau chu. (Ma police bo-lau-n chu)
Police!Police! (police)
Stop! Thief!Parkha! Chor! (Pak-ra! cho-r!)
I need your help.Malaai sahayog chaiyo. (Ma-laai sa-ha-yog chai-yo)
It's an emergency.aapat paryo. (Aa-pat par-yo)
I'm lost.Ma haraye. (Ma ha-ra-ye)
I lost my bag.Mero jhola harayo. (Me-ro jho-la ha-ra-yo)
I lost my wallet.Mero wallet harayo. (Me-ro wallet ha-ra-yo)
I'm sick.Malaai sancho chaina. (Muh-lay sann-cho cha-ee-nah)
I've been injured.Malaai chot lagyo. (Ma-laai cho-t lag-yo)
I need a doctor.Malaai doctor chaiyo. (Ma-laai doctor chai-yo)
Can I use your phone?K ma hajur ko Phone prayog garna sakchu? (K ma ha-jur ko phone pra-yog gar-na sak-chu?)

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