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About Ordering Food in Nepali

Hungry? How to start purchasing food in Nepali? These are a lot of the inquiries you will have when going in a Nepali speaking destination. Learn More

Regardless of whether you’re likely to reside in a Nepali speaking country or going on a brief visit there, learning how to purchase food in Nepali is essential. Dining out at Nepali restaurants and bistros generally is a lot of excitement, especially if you know some fundamental Nepali restaurant vocab. More …
Nepali Language Words

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Now we have listed a number of familiar food related words and phrases in Nepali, below, with the hope they might assist you while you are buying meals in Nepali.

Speaking Nepali When Eating Out

Simply click here to read the Nepali dinner words readily you can use for purchasing dinner in Nepali eating places and cafes.

A table for one person/two people, please.kripaya Table ek yaa dui janaako lagi. (...)
Can I look at the menu, please?ma menu herna sakchhu? (...)
Can I look in the kitchen?ma Bhancha herna sakchhu? (...)
Is there a house specialty?gharmaa banaaieko kehi chha? (...)
Is there a local specialty?sthaaniya bisess kehi chha? (...)
I'm a vegetarian.Ma Saahkahari Hu. (Ma- ma-SU Kan-DIE-nah)
I don't eat pork.ma bungoor/sungur khaadina. (...)
I only eat kosher food.I only eat kosher food. (...)
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)chillo kam halnus, please? (...)
fixed-price mealnischit darko khaanaa
à la carteà la carte (...)
breakfastnasta (na-s-ta)
lunchkhana (...)
tea (meal)chiya (...)
supperkhaja (...)
I want _____._____ chahanchhu. (...)
I want a dish containing _____._____bhaeko thaal chahanchhu. (...)
chickenkukhuraa (...)
beefgaaiko/gohruhko masu (...)
hamham (...)
cheesechij (...)
eggsanDaa (...)
saladsalad (...)
(fresh) vegetables(taajaa) tarkaari (...)
(fresh) fruit(taajaa) phalphul (...)
toasttoast (...)
noodleschau chau (...)
ricebhat (BHAT)
lentilsdaal (da-all)
May I have a glass of _____?malaai ek gilaas _____ dinus? (...)
May I have a cup of _____?malaai ek cup _____ dinus? (...)
May I have a bottle of _____?malaai ek botal_____ dinus? (...)
coffeecoffee (...)
tea (drink)chiya (CHEE-ah)
juicejuice (...)
waterpani (PAN-ee)
beerbeer (BEER)
May I have some _____?malaai kehi _____ dinus? (...)
saltnun (noon)
black peppermarich (...)
buttermakhan (...)
I'm finished.bhayo. (BHA-YO)
It was delicious.Mito chaa (...)
Please clear the plates.Please clear the plates. (The waiter is usually hovering to take your plate, you will not need this)(...)
The check, please.Bill please. (Asking for the 'check' may cause some minor confusion)(...)

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