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About the Colours in Polish

When you are planning to go on a shopping spree in Poland or a Polish speaking country, don’t forget to master the colours in Polish language. Names of colours in Polish comes in pretty useful when you’re looking for a bit more possible choices in numerous products your are contemplating to shop for. Learn More

On this specific web content, you can easily figure out how to suggest the names of different colors in Polish. We hope that by examining and learning the Polish colour chart down below, you will be able to know most of the primary colors in Polish.
Polish Language Words

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Polish Colours List

blackczarny (char-nay)
whitebiały (bee-ah-way)
grayszary (sha-ray)
redczerwony (chair-vo-nay)
blueniebieski (nyeh-bee-es-kee)
yellowżółty (zhoh-tay)
greenzielony (zhielony)
orangepomarańczowy (po-mar-an-cho-vay)
pinkróżowy (roo-zho-vay)
brownbrązowy (braw-zho-vay)

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