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Do you know what exactly to express when you find yourself having problems in Polish? You might be in a scenario where an individual is troubling you or perhaps you had missing your handbag in a region in which they converse in Polish. Learn More

People don’t have to get worried. We gathered a variety of Polish key phrases that you can use in desperate situations. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Polish Language

Leave me alone.Zostaw mnie. (Zostaff mnieh)
I'll call the police.As in summoning - Zawołam policję! (ZAH-voh-wam poh-litz-yeh) As in using a phone - Zadzwonię na policję (ZAH-dzvohn-yeh nah poh-litz-yeh)
Police!Policja! (po-litz-yah)
Stop the thief!Zatrzymać złodzieja! (zah-tschy-matz zwoh-TZIEH-yah)
I need your help.Potrzebuję pomocy. (poh-tscheh-BOO-yeh poh-moh-tsi)
It's an emergency.To nagła potrzeba (toh NAH-gwah poh-CHEh-bah) (has a slight "rushing to toilet" flavour, as it literally means "its a sudden need")
To pilne ("toh pee-lneh") (literally it "it's urgent") - good in "please, hurry up" contextTo sytuacja nadzwyczajna ("toh ??????? nad-zvy-chay-nah") (literally: "it's an extraordinary situation") - good in "accident" context
Unfortunately there is no single Polish word that could replace a very useful English "emergency".
I'm lost.Zabłądziłem. (zah-bwon-TZEE-wehm)
I lost my bag.Zgubiłem torbę. (zgu-BEE-wehm TOHR-beh)
I lost my wallet.Zgubiłem portfel. (zgu-BEE-wehm pohr-tvehll)
I'm sick.Jestem chory. (YEH-stehm hoh-ry)
I'm injured.Jestem ranny (YEH-stehm rahn-ni)
I need a doctor.Potrzebuję lekarza. (Pohtschehbooie leckaschah)
Can I use (your) phone?Czy mogę zadzwonić (od pana/pani)? (tshy moh-gheh zah-tzvoh-nitz (ohd pa-nih [fem.]/pah-nah [masc.])

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