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If you’re in Poland or a Polish speaking state, ever thought about the best ways to tell the actual time in Polish? Telling the time in Polish depends upon comprehending the Polish numbers and a couple of rules concerning the hours, minutes and seconds in Polish. Learn More

Within this webpage, you will understand quite easily the best way to reveal to the time in Polish with all the following sentences regarding:
Polish Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Polish Language

nowteraz (tehras)
laterpóźniej (poozniehy)
morningrano (ranoh)
afternoonpopołudnie (popo-oodnye)
eveningwieczór (viehtzoor)
nightnoc (nohtz)

Would like to know just how to say six o-clock in Polish? Make use of the terms below to guide you tell the latest time on the actual clock in Polish.
12-hour clock is used in informal speech only, 24-hour clock being used in all other situations. Common date formats are : 25.12.2006 (short: 25.12.06) , 25 XII 2006 r and 2006-12-25 (ISO-compliant). Time of day can be expressed with: rano (in the morning), po południu (in the afternoon) and wieczorem (in the evening).

Take advantage of the basic Polish terms to understand the time period for instance a Year, Week and a Four week period in Polish language.

Click on the hyperlinks below to find a list of helpful Polish holiday keyword phrases which you’ll find arranged by category. For every holiday phrase in Polish, you will notice the English translation.

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