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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in Swahili Language

Choose to reserve an hotels in Kenya? How do you say, I wish to make a reservation for an accommodation in Swahili? Handy Swahili expressions when it comes to selecting a room in hotels or wishing to request a bedroom with a deck. Learn More

Making use of the Swahili accommodation relevant terms listed here, find out how to pose your questions in Swahili. Many of these inquiries include: “how many nights you are booking for?” or “how much does it cost to book a room?” Eventually, you’ll be able to grasp the responses in Swahili.
Swahili Language Words

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Do you have any rooms available?Je, unavyo vyumba?/Je, vyumba vipo?
How much is a room for one person/two people?Chumba cha mtu moja/watu wawili ni bei gani ?
Does the room come with...
Self contained (with bathroom)Selfi contain
Not self contained (without bathroom)Non/not selfi contain
Non/not selfi contain...bedsheets?
...a bathroom?
ShowerShowa/nyunyu/bafu ya manyunyu
...a telephone?Simu
...a TV?Runinga
May I see the room first?Naweza kukiona chumba kwanza?
Do you have anything quieter?Kuna nafasi kimya zaidi?
...cheaper?bei nafuu?
OK, I'll take it.Sawa basi, nitakichukua.
I will stay for _____ night(s).nitakitumia usiku-----.
Can you suggest another hotel?
Do you have a safe? (...)
...lockers?Is breakfast/supper included?
Is breakfast/supper included?
What time is breakfast/supper?)
Please clean my room.
Can you wake me at _____?
I want to check out.Ninataka kuondoka.

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