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Do you know the things to speak about if you end up having trouble in Swahili? You may be in a scenario where anyone is bothering you or perhaps you had lost your handbag in a place in which they speak Swahili. Learn More

People do not need to get worried. We put together a variety of Swahili keywords which you can use in desperate situations. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Swahili Language

Leave me alone.Uniache!
Don't touch me!Usiniguse!
I'll call the police.Nitaita polisi!
Stop! Thief!(Saying this in Swahili could likely result in violent death for the thief at the hands of self appointed vigilantes. Your item may or may not be recovered.) Simama, mwizi!
I need your help.Ninaomba msaada.
I'm lost.Nimepotea.
I lost my bag.Nimepoteza mfuko wangu.
I lost my wallet.Nimepoteza pochi.
I'm sick.Mimi ni mgonjwa.
I've been injured.Nimeumia
I need a doctor.Ninahitaji daktari.
Can I use your phone?Ninaomba kutumia simu yako?

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