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About Swahili Consonants Chart

Want to know which are the consonants when it comes to Swahili language? In articulatory phonetics, the Swahili consonant is known as a speech sound that is articulated by using full or partial closure within the vocal tract. The term consonant is also employed to make reference to a letter of a Swahili alphabet which implies a consonant sound. Learn More

Swahili Consonants Chart

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Swahili Consonants in Alphabet

The following consonants are pronounced the same as in English:
blike the "b" in "bay"
dlike the "d" in "dog"
flike the "f" in "fun"
glike the "g" in "gut"
hlike the "h" in "hen"
jlike the "j" in "jam"
klike the "k" in "kit"
llike the "l" in "lump"
plike the "p" in "pot"
slike the "s" in "sun"
tlike the "t" in "tip"
vlike the "v" in "van"
wlike the "w" in "win"
ylike the "y" in "yellow"
zlike the "z" in "zebra"

Swahili Diphthongs in Alphabet

There are no diphthongs in Swahili; however, foreign names and loan words may contain them.

Select the hyperlinks directly below to view a list of helpful Swahili holiday words which you’ll find sorted by group. For each travel phrase in Swahili, you will see the actual English interpretation.

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