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Swahili Phrases to Get Around

Before going on your next escape to Kenya or virtually any Swahili speaking place, it is a great idea to read through a few very important Swahili travel terminology and expressions. Even when this specific different language just isn’t your powerful suit, and you are positive people is not able to get around by with just English. Learn More

Knowing a number of travel related key phrases in Swahili for obtaining trains and finding out how expensive is the ticket in Swahili will go far in assisting your verbal exchanges with the locals, particularly with the ones from a more mature generation that happen to be a lot less familiar with English language. More..
Swahili Language Words

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Getting Bus and Trains in Swahili

Minibus (Kenya, Uganda)Matatu
Minibus (Tanzania)Daladala
How much is a ticket to _____?Tikiti ya kwenda ____ shengapi?
One ticket to _____, please.Naomba tikiti moja ya kwenda ____.
Where does this train/bus go?Treni/basi hii inakwenda wapi?
Does this train/bus stop in _____?Treni/basi itakwenda ____?
When does the train/bus for _____ leave?Treni/basi itaondoka lini?
When will this train/bus arrive in _____?Treni/basi itafika lini _____?

Select the links directly below to see a number of beneficial Swahili travel words and phrases that are arranged by category. For every travel phrase in Swahili, you will notice the actual English interpretation.

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