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Prior to going on your next vacation to India or just about any Tamil speaking region, it is actually a good idea to learn several essential Tamil travel terms along with expressions. Even when this new language isn’t really your powerful match, and you are positive people can’t get around by with only English. Learn More

Knowing a couple of travel related sentences in Tamil for obtaining trains and figuring out how much is the ticket in Tamil will go far in helping your conversation with the locals, particularly with the ones from a more mature generation who’re significantly less accustomed to English language. More..
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Getting Bus and Trains in Tamil

How much is a ticket to ____?_____ ku payana cheetu evlavu? (...)
One ticket to _____, please._____ ku oru payana cheetu kudunga. (...)
Where does this train/bus go?intha vandi engae p'O'guthu? (...)
Where is the train/bus to _____?_____ ku vandi engae? (...)
Does this train/bus stop in _____?intha vandi _____ la nirkumaa? (...)
When does the train/bus for _____ leave?_____ ku vandi epp'O' kilambum? (...)
When will this train/bus arrive in _____?epp'O' intha vandi _____ vanthu sErum? (...)
let's embark on ship?kappalil aeralama?
but let's -------- on bus?perunthil earalama? please everyone fill that one.

Select the hyperlinks directly below to see a number of beneficial Tamil holiday words and phrases which are structured by group. For every holiday phrase in Tamil, you will notice the English translation.

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