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About Months in Tamil Language

Recognizing just how to determine the months in Tamil is very practical and usually be looked at as basic Tamil vocabulary. Now we have displayed the months in Tamil language beneath to help you pronounce the months in Tamil. Learn More

List of the Months in Tamil

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All dates provided below are approximate, varying by one or two days in the Gregorian Calendar depending on adjustments made to the calendar each year, to bring it in alignment with astronomic observations.
January15th January to 15th February (Thai)
February15th February to 15th March (Maasi)
March15th March to 15th April (Panguni)
April15th April to 15th May (Chithirai)
May15th May to 15th June (Vaikasi)
June15th June to 15th July (Aani)
July15th July to 15th August (Aadi)
August15th August to 15th September (Aavani)
September15th September to 15th October (Purattasi)
October15th October to 15th November (Aippasi)
November15th November to 15th December (Kaarthikai)
December15th December to 15th January (Margali)

Click on the links directly below to view a list of practical Tamil travel phrases that are organized by group. For each holiday phrase in Tamil, you will notice the English translation.

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