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For anyone who is in India or a Tamil speaking nation, have you ever wondered how to tell the actual time in Tamil? Telling the actual time in Tamil is dependant on learning the Tamil numbers and certain rules concerning the hours, minutes and seconds in Tamil. Learn More

In this particular webpage, you will understand quickly ways to tell the time in Tamil using the subsequent phrases for:
Tamil Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Tamil Language

afternoonmathiyam / mathiyaanam(...)
eveningmaalai / saayum kalam(...)
nightiravu / raatthiri(...)

Need to know the simplest way to say eight o’clock in Tamil? Use the key phrases directly below to guide you tell the latest time on the clock in Tamil.
one o'clock AMkaalai oru mani (...)
two o'clock AMkaalai irandu mani (...)
noonmathiyam / mathiyaanam (...)
one o'clock PMmathiyam / mathiyaanam oru mani (...)
two o'clock PMmathiyam / mathiyaanam irandu mani (...)
midnightnalliravu / nadunisi / nadu-raatthiri (...)

Use the simple Tamil sentences to understand the time length for instance a Year, Week and a Four week period in Tamil language.
_____ minute(s)_____ nimidam (...)
_____ hour(s)_____ mani (...)
_____ day(s)_____ naal(...)
_____ week(s)_____ vaaram (...)
_____ month(s)_____ maatham (...)
_____ year(s)_____ varudam (...)

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