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Do you know what exactly to speak about when you are having trouble in Tamil? You might be in a scenario where an individual is bothering you or perhaps you had lost your bag inside a place in which they communicate in Tamil. Learn More

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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Tamil Language

Leave me alone.ennai thaniyaaga vidungaL.
Don't touch me!ennai thodaathe;(informal) ennai thodaatheergaL (Formal)
I'll call the Police.Kavalthurayai alaipaEn
I need your help.ungGaL udhavi vEndum. (formal) ; unnudaya Udhavi vEndum -(Informal)
It's an emergency.migavum nerukadiyana nilai
I don't know where I amnaan engee erukiren endru theriyalavillai ( equal to I'm lost)
I lost my bag.en paiyai TholaithuvittaEn
I missed my "Bag"En pai Tholainthu vittathu.
I lost my wallet.en Pana Paiyai TholaithuvittaEn.
I'm sick.enaku udal nalam illai.
I've been injured.enakku kaayam ErpattuLLathu.
I need a doctor.enakku oru Maruthuvarin Chigichai vEndum
Can I use your phone?ungaL Kaipaesiyai naan PayanpaduthikoLLaLaama?
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