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Learn How to Tell Numbers in Tamil Language

Need to know the way to pronounce the actual telephone numbers in Tamil? You may want to count up to Twenty in Tamil. We certainly have provided the two written pronunciations of methods to talk about the numbers in Tamil language. We’re able to perhaps demonstrate how you can tell you great amounts in Tamil comfortably. Learn More

List of Numbers in Tamil Language

We now have pretty much all the Tamil numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, underneath that you’ll need to find out. More …

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To help make counting the particular numbers found in Tamil simpler, we certainly have categorised the numbers in to smaller parts. Every one of these pages contain a short online video you can watch to understand the proper pronunciation.
1one (ondru)
2two (irandu)
3three (moondru)
4four (naangu)
5five (ainthu)
6six (aaru)
7seven (yElu)
8eight (yettu)
9nine (onbathu)
10ten (pathu)
11eleven (pathinondru)
12twelve (pannirendu)
13thirteen (pathimoondru)
14fourteen (pathinaangu)
15fifteen (pathinainthu)
16sixteen (pathinaaru)
17seventeen (pathinElu)
18eighteen (pathinettu)
19nineteen (patthonbathu)
20twenty (irupathu)
21twenty one (irupatthu onnu)
22twenty two (irupatthu irandu)
23twenty three (irupatthu moondru)
30thirty (mup-ppathu)
40forty (naar-pathu)
50fifty (aim-pathu)
60sixty (aru-pathu)
70seventy (elu-pathu)
80eighty (en-pathu)
90ninety (thonnooru)
100one hundred (nooru)
200two hundred (iru nooru)
300three hundred (mun nooru)
1000one thousand (aayiram)
2000two thousand (irandaayiram)
100,000hundred thousand (latcham) {Indian system}
1,000,000one million (pathu latcham)
10,000,000ten million (oru kOdi) {Indian system}
1,000,000,000one thousand million in UK, one billion in USA (Nigarputham)
1,000,000,000,000one billion in UK, one trillion in USA (Karpam)
[1]number _____ (train, bus, etc.)
number _____ (...)half
half (arai)less
less (kuraivu/ kuraivaaga)more

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