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Learn How to Tell Numbers in French Language

Wish to know the right way to pronounce the actual phone numbers in French? You may have to add up to 20 in French. You’ll find included both written pronunciations of how to express the figures when it comes to French language. It is possible to even present to you how to pronounce great numbers in French simply. Learn More

List of Numbers in French Language

We now have all the French numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, listed below that you will need to learn. More …

French Language Words

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To help make counting the particular numbers when it comes to French simpler for you, we have broken down the numbers in to smaller sections. Each of these web pages feature a brief online video you can enjoy to find out the appropriate pronunciation.
1un/une (uhn)/(uun)
2deux (duh)
3trois (trwah)
4quatre (kahtr)
5cinq (sank)
6six (sees)
7sept (set)
8huit (weet)
9neuf (neuf)
10dix (deece)
11onze (onz)
12douze (dooz)
13treize (trez)
14quatorze (kat-ORZ)
15quinze (kangz)
16seize (sez)
17dix-sept (dees-SET)
18dix-huit (dee-ZWEET)
19dix-neuf (deez-NUF)
20vingt (vang)
21vingt-et-un (vang-tay-UHN)
22vingt-deux (vant-DUH)
23vingt-trois (vant-TRWAH)
30trente (trahnt)
40quarante (ka-RAHNT)
50cinquante (sang-KAHNT)
60soixante (swah-SAHNT)
70soixante-dix (swah-sahnt-DEES) or septante (sep-TAHNT) in Belgium and Switzerland
80quatre-vingt (kah-truh-VANG) in Belgium also huitante (weet-AHNT) in Switzerland (except Geneva) or octante (oct-AHNT) in Switzerland
90quatre-vingt-dix (kah-truh-vang-DEES) or nonante (noh-NAHNT) in Belgium and Switzerland
100cent (sahng)
200deux cent (duh sahng)
300trois cent (trwah sahng)
1000mille (meel)
2000deux mille (duh meel)
1,000,000un million (ung mee-LYOHN) Note: treated as a noun when alone: one million euros would be un million d'euros.
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)numéro _____ (nuu-may-ROH)
halfdemi (duh-MEE), moitié (mwah-tee-AY)
lessmoins (mwihn)
moreplus (pluus) / no more : plus (pluu) so this time, the "S" is mute

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