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Want to know do you know the consonants when it comes to French language? In articulatory phonetics, the French consonant is really a speech sound that is articulated by using total or perhaps partial closure within the vocal tract. The word consonant can also be used to talk about a letter of the French alphabet that signifies a consonant sound. Learn More

French Consonants Chart

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French Consonants in Alphabet

Note: Most final consonants are silent except for c, q, f, l, and r (except in the combination "-er", normally found in verb infinitives). Note that the plural ending "-ent" for verbs is never pronounced, though it is pronounced in other words.
blike "b" in "bed"
clike "k" in "sky" (before "a", "o", and "u" or before a consonent), like "s" in "sun" (before "e", "i", and "y")
รงlike "s" in "sun" (this letter can only be written before "a" ,"o", or "u")
dlike "d" in "death" (but a bit heavier than in English, and pronounced on the tongue)
flike "f" in "fun"
glike "g" in "go" (before "a", "o", and "u" or before a consonent), like "g" in "sabotage" (before "e", "i" and "y").
gulike "g" in "goose" (before "e", "i", "y")
gnlike "ny" in "canyon". This is particularly difficult when followed by oi, as in baignoire (beh-NYWAR) "bathtub".
husually silent, but may sometimes prevent a liaison with the former word
jlike "g" in "sabotage"
klike "k" in "sky" (not native to French)
l, lllike "l" in "like"; some exceptions for "ll" in the combination "ille" (pronounced ee-y)
mlike "m" in "me"
nlike "n" in "nurse" (but see Nasals below)
plike "p" in "sport"
q(u)most of the time like "k" in "sky" (not like "qu" in "square"); in some words like "qu" in "square" (generally before an "a") or the same but with a French u (generally before an "i")
rguttural; kind of like coughing up a hairball (similar to a German "ch")
slike "s" in "sun"; like "z" in "zero" (between two vowels)
chlike "sh" in "bush"; sometimes like "k" in "sky" (in words of Greek origin mostly)
t, thlike "t" in "stop"
vlike "v" in "value"
wonly in foreign words, mostly like "w" in "wise" and sometimes like "v" in "value" (in particular, "wagon" is "vagon" and "WC" is "VC"!)
xeither ks (like "x" in "exit") or gz
zlike "z" in "zero"
phlike "f" in "fun" and like "ph" in "Philadelphia"

French Diphthongs in Alphabet

aillike "i" in "fight"
illeither literally, or like "y" in "three years", with some exceptions (ville is veel, fille is feey)

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