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French Vowels: Learn How to Pronounce Them Easily

French vowels with regard to French Alphabet is actually a sound that is certainly pronounced by with your lips (in the event of nasal vowels, the use of your nose) with no blockage of the mouth area, tongue, or throat.There is certainly quite a few typical regulations to keep in mind whenever saying French vowels. Learn More

The articulatory functions that will recognize diverse French vowel sounds are said to ascertain the vowel’s good quality when it comes to French Language. In a well developed vowel process similar to the French vowel method, you’ll discover common features – height (vertical dimension), blackness (horizontal dimension) and roundedness (lips position). Learn The French Vowels
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You will find however still additional probable features of French vowel level of quality, for example the velum position (nasality), type of vocal fold vibration (phonation), along with tongue root location.

List of French Vowels in French Alphabet

French Vowels in Alphabet

Vowels in French can have accent marks, which generally have no noticeable impact on pronunciation, but they often distinguish between homophones in writing (ou, meaning or, and où, meaning where, are pronounced the same). The only really important one is é, which is always pronounced "ay", and changes the meaning of the word.
a, à -like "a" in "fat"
âlike "a" in "father"
ein most cases a central neutral vowel ("schwa") like "a" in "about", sometimes not pronounced at all, sometimes like "é" or "è"
é, è, ê, ai, -er, -es, -ez
é is towards "e" in "set" or "ay" in "day", and è is more nasal, like the a in "cake" in English, except without the "y" sound at the end. They are not equivalent and they make very distinct sounds.
i, îlike "ee" in "see" but shorter and tenser
o, ô, au, eaugenerally like "oa" in "boat" in American English or "aw" in "law" in British English, can be considered equivalent
u, ùlike a very tight, frontal "oo" sound (purse your lips as if to pronounce "oo" as in "soon" but try to pronounce "ee") - uu in transcriptions
oulike "oo" in "food", but a pure vowel
ylike "ee" in "see" ; also sometimes used as a consonant, pronounced the same as in English (in 'yes' for example).
eubetween "ew" in "dew" and "ur" in "burp"; written eu or uh in transcriptions

French Semi Vowels in Alphabet

oilike "wa" in "walk"
ouilike "wee" in "week"
uilike "wee" in "week", but with a French u instead of the w
œa bit like "eu" but more "open". The distinction between œ and "eu" is very subtle and often irrelevant.

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