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About Ordering Food in French

Hungry? How to start purchasing meals in French? These include several of the questions you’ll have whenever going in a French speaking region. Learn More

Regardless if you are planning to reside in a French speaking country or intending on a quick trip there, knowing how to order meals in French is essential. Eating out at French eateries and cafes can be a lot of fun, especially if you fully understand some basic French restaurant vocabulary. More …
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We have outlined numerous standard meal relevant words and phrases in French, listed below, hoping they may help you when you’re buying food items in French.

Speaking French When Eating Out

Just click here to find out the French dinner sentences quickly which can be used when it comes to ordering meals in French eating places and coffee shops.

fixed-price mealmenu (muh-NUU)
à la carteà la carte (ah lah KAHRT)
breakfast (in France)petit-déjeuner (ptee-day-zheu-NAY)
breakfast (in Switzerland/Belgium/Canada/Nord-Pas-de-Calais)déjeuner (day-zheu-NAY)
lunch (in France)déjeuner (day-zhuh-NAY)
lunch (Switzerland/Belgium/Quebec/Nord-Pas-de-Calais)dîner (dee-NAY)
tea (meal)thé (tay)
dinner/supper (in France)dîner (dee-NAY)
dinner/supper (Elsewhere)souper (soo-PAY)
I would like _____.Je voudrais _____. (zhuh voo-DREH _____)
I would like a dish containing _____.Je voudrais un plat avec _____. (zhuh voo-DREH ung plah ah-VEK _____)
chicken(du) poulet (duu poo-LEH)
beef(du) boeuf (duu BUFF)
deerdu cerf (dü SEHR)
fishdu poisson (duu pwa-SONG)
salmondu saumon (duu so-MONG)
tunadu thon (duu TONG)
whitingdu merlan (duu mehr-LANG)
codde la morue (duh lah moh-RUU)
seafooddes fruits de mer (deh frwee duh MEHR)
Literally "fruits of the sea"dulse de la dulse (duh lah DUULS)
lobsterdu homard (duu oh-MAR) or de la langouste (duh lah lan-goost) (rock lobster)
clamsdes palourdes (deh pah-LOORD)
oystersdes huîtres (dez WEETR)
musselsdes moules (deh MOOL)
snailsdes escargots (dez es-car-GOH)
frogsdes grenouilles (deh gruh-NOOEY)
hamdu jambon (duu zhahng-BONG)
porkdu porc/cochon (dü POHR/dü coh-SHONG)
Note: cochon is much less formal.
boardu sanglier (dü sahng-GLYAY)
sausagedes saucisses (deh so-SEESS)
cheesedu fromage (duu froh-MAHZH)
eggsdes oeufs (dehz UH)
one eggun oeuf (un UF)
saladune salade (uun sah-LAHD)
(fresh) vegetablesdes légumes (frais) (deh lay-guum FREH)
(fresh) fruitdes fruits (frais) (frwee (freh))
breaddu pain (dew pang)
toastdu pain rôti (dew pang roh-TEE)
coffeecafé (kah-FAY)
tea (drink)thé (tay)
juicejus (zhuu)
(bubbly) watereau gazeuse (oh gah-ZUHZ)
watereau (oh)
Note: If you ask for "water", you will get mineral water. To specify "tap water", say "eau du robinet" (OH doo roh-bee-NEH) or ask for a carafe of water "une carafe d'eau" (OON cahr-AHF doh).
beerbière (byehr)
red/white winevin rouge/blanc (vang roozh/blahng)
May I have some _____?Puis-je avoir du _____ ? (pwee zhuh ah-VWAHR duu)
saltsel (sel)
black pepperpoivre (pwavr)
garlicail (aigh)
butterbeurre (bur)
vegetarian (male)végétarien (vey-zhey-tar-YENG)
vegetarian (female)végétarienne (vey-zhey-tar-YEN)
Excuse me, waiter/waitress?S'il vous plaît, monsieur/madame ? (seell voo PLEH muh-syuh/ma-dahm)
Note: "garçon" (boy) is offensive and should be avoided.
I'm finished.J'ai fini. (zhay fee-NEE)
It was delicious.C'était délicieux. (say-tay deli-SYUH)
Can you please clear the plates?Pouvez-vous débarrasser la table, s'il vous plaît? (poovay voo DEH-bahr-a-seh lah tah-bluh seel voo play)
The check, please.L'addition s'il vous plait. (lah-dee-SYOHN seel voo play)

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