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Dealing With Authorities in Irish Language

When you find yourself visiting in Ireland or perhaps any country where men and women speak Irish and you are in an emergency situation, handling authorities for instance the police in Irish can be overwhelming. You have got to understand at the very least the basic Irish words and phrases for urgent matters that will help you call your country’s consulate. Learn More

List of Irish Phrases For Emergencies

Irish Language Words

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I haven't done anything wrong.Ní dhéarna mé coir. (nee YAR-nah may kor)
It was a misunderstanding.Ba mhíthuiscint é. (bah VEE-HISH-kint ay)
Where are you taking me?Cá bhfuil tú ag tógail mé? (kaw will too ag TOWG-awl may)
Am I under arrest?An bhfuil mé gafa? (on will may GOFF-ah)
I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen.Is saoránach Meiriceánach/Astrálach/Briotanach/Ceanadach mé. (iss sayr-AWN-ock merry-KAWN-ock/ass-TRAWL-ock/BRIT-annock/KYANNY-dock may)
I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate.Ba mhaith liom labhairt leis an ambasáid/consalacht Meiriceánach/Astrálach/Briotanach/Ceanadach. (bah wawh lum LOWR-t lesh on OM-bass-oyj/CUN-sill-ockt merry-KAWN-ock/ass-TRAWL-ock/BRIT-annock/KYANNY-dock)
I want to talk to a lawyer.Ba mhaith liom labhairt le dlíodóir. (bah wawh lum LOWR-t leh DLEE-dor)
Can I just pay a fine now?An féidir liom íocaíocht cáin amháin anois? (on FAY-jer lum EEK-ee-ockt koyn ah-WAWN ah-NISH)

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