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For anyone who is in Ireland or a Irish speaking state, have you ever wondered how to tell the time in Irish? Telling the time in Irish depends upon understanding the Irish numbers and certain rules regarding the hours, minutes and seconds in Irish. Learn More

In this particular web page, you will understand simply how you can reveal to the time in Irish with all the subsequent words and phrases with regard to:
Irish Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Irish Language

nowanois (ann-ish)
laterníos déanaí (nee-uss DAY-nee)
beforeroimh (riv)
morningmaidin (moj-in)
afternooniarnóin (ear-NOE-inn)
eveningtráthnóna (tráthnóna)
nightoíche (EE-hah)

Need to learn the correct way to say 6 o’clock in Irish? Use the terms directly below to assist you to tell the current time on the actual clock in Irish.
one o'clock AMhaon a chlog ar maidin (HAY-ann ah klug err MOJ-in)
two o'clock AMdó a chlog ar maidin (DOE ah klug err MOJ-in)
noonnóin (noe-inn)
one o'clock PMhaon a chlog san iarnóin (HAY-ann ah klug san ear-NOE-inn)
two o'clock PMdó a chlog san iarnóin (DOE ah klug san ear-NOE-inn)
midnightmeanoíche (mann EE-hah)

Take advantage of the elementary Irish terms to know the time period like a Year, Week and a Month when it comes to Irish language.
_____ minute(s)_____ nóiméad (NOE-made)
_____ hour(s)_____ uair (oor)
_____ day(s)_____ la(ethanta) (lay(hint-ah))
_____ week(s)_____ seachtan(na) (shokt-inn(ah))
_____ month(s)_____ mí (mee)
_____ year(s)_____ blian(ta) (BLI-an(tah))

Select the hyperlinks directly below to find out a number of helpful Irish travel key phrases which are organized by group. For each holiday word or phrase in Irish, there’ll be the English interpretation.

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