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How to say money in Irish

Wish to know the Irish term for cash? We now have listed here an index of Irish cash related terms you most likely are looking for whenever traveling in Irish speaking places. Learn More

Going on a holiday can often be extremely expensive, for this reason it is important to have a decent knowledge of Irish terminology for money similar points for example exchanging money and business banking. More Info
Irish Language Words

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Every single country worldwide has its own monetary system. Dealing with cash in Irish speaking nations is considered the most frequent banking necessity for holidaymakers. Consequently, it is essential that you receive the most for your money by getting knowledgeable about these basic monetary words in Irish.

Dealing With Money in Irish

We’ve got a listing of Irish words which you can use whenever exchanging money in Ireland or even just when pruchasing something in stores.

Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars?Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars? (...)
Do you accept British pounds?Do you accept British pounds? (...)(Still in english)
Do you accept credit cards?Do you accept credit cards? (...)(
Can you change money for me?Can you change money for me? (...)(still in english)
Where can I get money changed?Where can I get money changed? (...)(in english)
Can you change a traveler's check for me?Can you change a traveler's check for me? (...)(in english)
Where can I get a traveler's check changed?Where can I get a traveler's check changed? (...)( In English)
What is the exchange rate?What is the exchange rate? (...)(in english)
Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?Cá bfuil an pól an bhainc? (Kaw will on pull on vank?)

Select the hyperlinks directly below to view a list of beneficial Irish travel words which you’ll find sorted by theme. For each holiday phrase in Irish, there’ll be the English translation.

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