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Learn How to Say Numbers in Irish Language

Would like to know how you can voice the phone numbers in Irish? You may need to add up to Ten in Irish. We’ve included the two written pronunciations of ways to express typically the numbers in Irish language. We are able to actually demonstrate how you can say great figures in Irish simply. Learn More

List of Numbers in Irish Language

We now have pretty much all the Irish numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, underneath that you’ll want to find out. More …

Irish Language Words

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To ensure counting the particular numbers found in Irish simpler for you, we have now divided the numbers in to smaller sized parts. Every one of these web pages come with a brief video you can view to learn the proper pronunciation.
1aon (Ayon)
2dó (doe)
3trí (tree)
4ceathar (cah-har)
5cúig (koo-igg)
6sé (shay)
7seacht (shokht)
8ocht (okt)
9naoi (nay)
10deich (deh)
11aon déag (Ayon DAYeg)
12dó dhéag (doe yAYog)
13trí déag (tree DAYog)
14ceathar déag (cah-har DAYog)
15cúig déag (coo-igg DAYog)
16sé déag (shay DAYog)
17seacht déag (shokt DAYog)
18ocht déag (ukt DAYog)
19naoi déag (nay DAYog)
20fiche (fih-ha)
21fiche h-aon (fih-ah hAyon)
22fiche dó (fih-ah doe)
23fiche trí (fih-ah tree)
30triocha (truck-ah)
40daichead (do-head)
50caoga (KWAY-ga)
60seasca (shas-ca)
70seachto (shokt-oe)
80ochto (UKT-oe)
90nocha (noe-KA)
100céad (kay-ahd)
200dhá chéad (ghaw kay-ahd)
300trí chéad (tree kay-ahd)
1000míle (mee-leh)
2000dhá mhíle (ghaw vee-leh)
1,000,000milliún (mill-yewn)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)uimhir a _____ (iv-urr ah)
halfleath (lah)
lessníos lú (nee-uss loo)
moreníos mó (nee-uss moe)

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