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Do you know precisely what to express when you find yourself having problems in Irish? You could be in a situation where somebody is troubling you or perhaps you had missing your handbag in a region where they talk in Irish. Learn More

You don’t need to be concerned. We gathered a number of Irish key phrases that you can use in desperate situations. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Irish Language

Leave me alone.Lig dom. (ligg dum)
Don't touch me!Ná bain dom! (NAW bine dum!)
I'll call the police.Cuirfidh mé fios ar na Gardaí!. (KIRR-EE may FISS air nah gard-EE!)
Police!Gardaí! (guard-EE!) (The literal translation of Gardai is 'Keepers')
Stop! Thief!Stad! Gadaí! (STODD! god-EE!!)
I need your help (singular).Tá do chabhair de dhíth orm. (TAW doh KHOWER deh YEE urr-um) (KH is guttural, OWER is like English "tower")
It's an emergency.Is éigeandáil í. (Iss AE-GUN-dall EE.)
I'm lost.Táim caillte. (TAW'M kyle-cheh)
I lost my bag.Chaill mé mo mhála. (KYLE may muh WALL-a)
I lost my wallet.Chaill mé mo thiachog. (KYLE may muh HEE-UH-Hohg)
I'm sick.Tá mé tinn. (Taw may chin)
I've been injured.Táim gortaithe. (TAWM GORT-i-HAH)
I need a doctor.Tá dochtúir a dhíobháil orm. (Taw DOCH-TOOR deh YEE urr-im) (dochtúir is guttural)
Can I use your phone?An bhfuil cead agam do ghutháin a úsáíd? (ON will KYAD a-GUM duh ghuh-HAWN a OO-SOYD?)

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