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About Ordering Food in Irish

Hungry? How to start buying meals in Irish? These include a few of the queries you’ll have whenever travelling in a Irish speaking nation. Learn More

Regardless if you are intending to live in a Irish speaking country or intending on a quick holiday there, understanding how to get food in Irish is necessary. Dining out at Irish eateries and bistros generally is a lot of fun, particularly if you know some fundamental Irish restaurant vocab. More …
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We’ve got listed quite a few familiar food relevant sentences in Irish, below, hoping some may assist you while you’re purchasing food in Irish.

Speaking Irish When Eating Out

Click this link to find out the Irish dinner key phrases easily that can be used when it comes to purchasing food in Irish dining establishments and coffee shops.

A table for one person/two people, please.Bord do duine amháin/beirt, le do thoil (bord duh DINN-eh ah-WAWN/burtch, leh duh hull)
Can I look at the menu, please?An féidir liom a féachaint ar an bhiachlár, le do thoil? (uhn FAY-duhr lyom uh FEE-uh-khunt uhr uhn vee-uh-KHLAWR, lehd-HULL)
Can I look in the kitchen?An féidir liom a féachaint sa chistin? (uh FAY-duhr lyom uh FEE-uh-khunt suh KHISH-tin?)
Is there a house specialty?An bhfuil speisialtacht an tí?(uh vwil spehsheeltkht uhn tee?)
Is there a local specialty?An bhfuil speisialtacht áitiúil? (uh vwil spehsheeltkht aw-TYOO-il?)
I'm a vegetarian.Is feoilséantóir mé (is fyohl-shayn-TOOR meh.)
I don't eat pork.Ní ithim muiceoil. (nee IH-im MWIH-kyoll)
I don't eat beef.Ní ithim mairteola. (nee IH-im MAR-toll-ah)
I only eat kosher food.Ithim bia coisir amháin. (IH-im bee-ah kosher ah-WAWN)
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)Le níos lú saill, le do thoil? (leh neese loo sall, leh duh hull)
fixed-price mealbéile le luach seasta (BAY-leh leh LOO-kh SHASS-tah)
à la carteà la carte (...)
breakfastbricfeásta (BRICK-faw-stah)
lunchlón (lone)
tea (meal)tae (tay)
suppersuipéar (sip-AIR)
I want _____._____ atá uaim. (___at-AW wim)
I would like a dish with _____.Ba mhaith liom baochas a mhias le _____(buh vah lyum BAY-uh-khas uh VEE-as leh _____)
chickensicín (shik-EEN)
beefmairteola (mwir-TYOH-lah)
fishiasc (eesk)
hamliamhás (LEE-uh-vaws)
sausageispín (ispheen)
cheesecáis (kawsh)
eggsuibheacha (IV-ah-kah)
saladsailéad (sai-LAYD)
(fresh) vegetablesglasraí (úr) (GLAHS-ree (OOR))
breadarán (ah-RAWN)
toasttósta (TOHS-tah)
noodlesnúdail (NOO-dil)
ricerís (reesh)
beanspónairí (poh-NUH-ree...)
May I have a glass of _____?An mbeidh gloine _____ agam? (uh meg GLI-neh...)
May I have a cup of _____?An mbeidh cupán _____ agam? (un meg cuh-PAWN ____ uh-GUHM)
May I have a bottle of _____?An mbeidh buidéal _____ agam? (un meg bi-DAYL ____ uh-GUHM)
coffeecaife (ka-feh)
tea (drink)tae (tay)
juicesubh (soov)
mineral wateruisce mianraí (ISH-keh mee-uhn-REE...)
wateruisce (ISH-kah)
beerbeoir (bi-or)
red/white wineFíon dearg/bán (...)
May I have some _____?An mbeidh roinnt _____ agam? (un meg rint ____ uh-GUHM?)
saltsallan (...)
black pepperpiobar dubh(PI-burr DUH-v)
butterim ('im')
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)Gabh mo leischeal, a fhreastalaí? (guh muh leh-SHKAYL, uh RAHS-tuh-lee?)
I'm finished.Táim críochnaithe. (tawm KREEKH-nuh-hah)
It was delicious.Bhí sé go blásta. (vee shay go BLAWS-tuh)
Please clear the table.glan an mbord, le d'thoil. (GLAHN an MORD lehd HULL...)
Give me the bill, please.Tobhair dom an bhille, le do thoil. (on VILL-eh, lehd HULL)

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