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About the Colours in Malay

If you are planning to go on a shopping spree in Malaysia or a Malay speaking nation, don’t forget to learn the colours in Malay language. Names of colors in Malay comes in incredibly handy while you are looking for additional selections in several merchandise you’re considering to shop for. Learn More

On this particular web content, it is simple to learn to articulate the names of several colours in Malay. We trust by examining and learning the Malay color chart beneath, it will be easier to express most of the actual main colors in Malay.
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Malay Colours List

blackhitam (HEE-tahm)
whiteputih (POO-teh)
graykelabu (kuh-LAH-boo)
redmerah (MAY-ruh)
bluebiru (BEE-roo)
yellowkuning (KOO-neeng)
greenhijau (HEE-jow)
orangeoren (OH-ren)
purpleungu (OONG-oo)
light brownperang (PAY-rung)
dark browncoklat (CHOCK-ah-lat)

Select the hyperlinks below to find out a number of beneficial Malay travel words and phrases which you’ll find organized by category. For each travel word or phrase in Malay, you will notice the actual English interpretation.

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