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How do we say the Days of the week in Malay language

When you are on a journey in Malaysia and someone actually asks you in Malay “what day is it today?” you have got to understand how to advise the days of the full week in Malay quickly and easily. What the person asks “when am I going to meet you next?” You will need to write the time in Malay perhaps. Take advantage of our day sentences in Malay under to know the week days in Malay. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in Malay

todayhari ini (...)
yesterdayIn peninsular Malaysia: semalam (se-mah-lam), kelmarin (kuh-MAR-reen) (in Borneo)
the day before yesterdaykelmarin
tomorrowbesok (Bay-SOH[glottal stop) or esok
the day after tomorrowlusa (LOO-suh)
three days after todaytulat (...)
this weekminggu ini (MEENG-goo EE-nee)
last weekminggu lepas (MEENG-goo luh-PAHS)
next weekminggu depan (MEENG-goo deh-PAHN)
SundayAhad (AH-hahd)
MondayIsnin (EES-neen)
TuesdaySelasa (SLAH-suh)
WednesdayRabu (RAH-boo)
ThursdayKhamis (KHAM-mees)
FridayJumaat (joom-MAH-aht)
SaturdaySabtu (SAHB-too)
The day is written first, then the month and the year last.
For exampleAugust 17th 1945
The hours are written from zero to 12. So 06.00 PM is written as 6.00PM.

Months in Malay Language

JanuaryJanuari (...)
FebruaryFebruari (...)
MarchMac (MAHCH)
AprilApril (...)
MayMei (...)
JuneJun (JOON)
JulyJulai (JOOL-ly)
AugustOgos (oh-GOOS)
SeptemberSeptember (...)
OctoberOktober (...)
NovemberNovember (...)
DecemberDisember (dee-SEM-burr)

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