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About Malay Consonants Chart

Would like to know what are the consonants in Malay language? In articulatory phonetics, a Malay consonant is a speech sound that is articulated by using total as well as partial closure of the vocal region. The term consonant can be employed to make reference to a letter of the Malay alphabet that represents a consonant sound. Learn More

Malay Consonants Chart

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Malay Consonants in Alphabet

blike 'b' in "bed"
clike 'ch' in "China"
chold spelling of c
dlike 'd' in "dog"
flike 'ph' in "phone"
glike 'g' in "go"
hlike 'h' in "help"; initial "h" is not always pronounced in some dialects
jlike 'j' in "jug"; in older romanizations also the vowel i
klike 'c' in "cat"; at ends of words, a glottal stop like the stop some people use to pronounce "something" as "sump'n."
khlike 'ch' in "loch" or 'c' in "cat."
llike 'l' in "love"
mlike 'm' in "mother"
nlike 'n' in "nice"
plike 'p' in "pig"; unaspirated (i.e., no explosive sound) at the ends of words
qlike 'q' in "quest" (most commonly with "u", and only in Arabic borrowings)
rlike 'rh' in "rheumatism"
slike 'ss' in "hiss"
sylike 'sh' in "sheep"
tlike 't' in "top"; unaspirated (i.e., no explosive sound) at the ends of words
vlike 'ph' in "phone" (only used in loanwords)
wlike 'w' in "weight"
xlike 'cks' in "kicks" (only used in loanwords)
ylike 'y' in "yes"
zlike 's' in "hiss", like 'z' in "haze", like 'dg' in "edge"

Malay Diphthongs in Alphabet

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